Phuket city - The wonderful destination that you shouldn't miss

Posted on 11 sep 2018Comments 11

When Phuket is mentioned, people often think of lush, charming beaches, but only a few people know that there are many attractions inside Phuket city.

Old Town Phuket

The old town is the historical center of Phuket in Thailand. There are many beautiful and well-preserved villas, and 'houses' are built similar to Chinese colonial architecture. The architecture inside this old town is quite similar to Georgetown in Penang: the 'houses' with the dome along the two sides of the road, and the Chinese temples have many Buddhist statues.

Old Town Phuket is in constant development with the opening of many restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars, making it an exciting place to relax after the sunset and promise to be the ideal place for travelers to do shopping or enjoy excellent cuisines and explore the nightlife.

Phuket Weekend Market

The Phuket weekend market (also known as Talad Tai Rot or Chao Fah Market) is the largest shopping and dining spot in the city. It takes place on Saturdays and Sundays on Wirat Hong Yok street (outside Chao Fa West, 1 km south of Central Festival Phuket), with an area of total 30,000 square meters.

At this place, you can find almost anything including clothing, souvenirs, accessories and live animals, as well as an entire section specialized in local food. In addition, there are many varieties of seafood on the west coast of Phuket being sold here at much lower prices which attract thousands of shoppers every weekend.

Walking Street Phuket

Walking Street Phuket is an extremely popular market/bazaar held every Sunday in the heart of the old town on Thalang Road. This 350m-long international and commercial street attracts young people and frequent visitors during the week with many shops, restaurants, bars and guest houses, especially from 16:00 to 22:00.

Phuket Trickeye Museum

Phuket Trickeye Museum is an attractive destination of this city. This friendly museum is completely suitable for family, which is full of visual deception, based on 3D rendering techniques that create the illusion for the viewers.

Set in a large two-story building at the intersection of Montri and Phang Nga Road, the museum features a collection of 100 paintings that offer great photography opportunities as well as lots of fun. Sample photos are available to show guests how to get the best shots.

Baan Teelanka - House upside down

Baan Teelanka - The Upside Down House is a new tourist attraction for visitors when coming to Phuket. Located on the Bypass road a kilometer after Premium Outlet Phuket when heading south, Baan Teelanka is a fully furnished three-story home that is literally built on its roof.

The first impression when visiting this house is that you just go down the rabbit hole too far: all the furniture and even the fish tank (fish also swim upside down!). Hanging on the floor as you walk in the ceiling from this room to another room; visiting Baan Teelanka is really an interesting and confusing experience.